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    Be proud of your cock and show it in public: Exhibitionists have more fun in life

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    So soon as mom would leave for work on Saturday Dad, Both of my baby brothers and I would meet downstairs naked. We had prizes for first to cum, last to cum, who came the most. Dad was the only that would suck cock so he always won for best blowjob….

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    Of course the first thing I do with my GoPro is put it in the waterproof housing and take it into the shower.

    Um mm

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    "You are so dead if this doesn’t make me taller bro"

    What had seemed like a funny forfeit when they were supremely confident of winning now made for a rather tense moment as the losing team prepared for a shoot out with a difference…

    Anyone fancy spotting the most embarrassed boy in this line up? ;)

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